Round 2 of Malaysian Superbike Championship which was held at Sepang International Circuit went on to a great start with Race 1. Kasma Daniel Kasmayuddin of Yamaha Gen Blu Racing Team ASEAN bagged the winning spot in MSBK1000 A race category.

During the qualifying session earlier this morning, Kasma Daniel scored the fastest lap time with his best at 2’06:440s. Zaqhwan Zaidi who replaced Azroy marked second fastest with his best lap time at 2’07:793s followed by Azlan Shah with his best lap time at 2’08:235s.

The race started with Kasma taking the lead followed by Zaqhwan and Azlan Shah at P3. Osama quickly got in line at P4. As Kasma went on to draw a wide gap with Zaqhwan, Azlan picked up speed to inch closer. By the end of lap 3, Kasma drew a gap of 2.883s with Zaqhwan and went on swiftly to make his rounds. By mid-race, it was almost impossible for Zaqhwan to supersede Kasma who was steadily leading.

The trio went on to maintain their positions and momentum with Kasma leading at a 5.099s gap. Osama made his rounds at P4 while Teo worked on his pace at P5. With another 3 laps to go, Azlan went for Zaqhwan. Between close encounters, Azlan almost made it but Zaqhwan went on to defend his position. At the final lap however, Azlan attacked Zaqhwan and took over P2. As Kasma went on to complete the race victoriously at 21’32:650s, while Azlan and Zaqhwan entangled in one last battle before completing second.

Commenting on the race, Kasma said, “From round 1, we were a little left out because we couldn’t manage the engine brake. So, this time around, we found the right settings. In the race earlier, I tried to maintain my lap time. I know that in the beginning, Zaqhwan was trailing me but I didn’t know that after a while, he was already way behind so I went on with the race to ensure that my lap time was consistent. I am grateful for the blessings today.”

Azlan Shah Kamaruzaman of Horizon Racing Team clocked in second at 21’36:128s.

Md Zaqhwan Zaidi of Boon Siew Honda Racing Team made it third at 21’36:438s.


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