Round 2 of the Malaysia Superbike Championship (MSBK) saw great action on the circuit in Race 1 at the Sepang International Circuit. Chen Hsuan Ming of Dream Team marked fastest in the MSBK1000 B race category.

Earlier today in the qualifying session, Amir Izzat of Horizon Racing Team marked fastest with his best at 2’14:940s followed by Chee Yen of Mobilub Suzuki Racing Team 2’15:044s. Radzi Omar of FGRT (Fauzi Gan Racing Team) made his best lap time at 2’15:334s.

Amir was steady in lap one as he went on to take lead with Radzi and Kuo Shih behind him. By the end of lap 2, Kuo overtook Radzi and trailed behind Amir. Into lap 3, Taiwanese rider Chen made a quick switch with his countryman, Kuo. Chee Yen tried to catch up. Amir on the other hand remained strong in his position. Into the 4th lap, Chen worked on his moves and went on to pressure Amir before taking his position.

With another 3 laps to go, the riders maintained their positions but Chee Yen began working on his moves and before the 7th lap was over, he superseded Amir. But the duo behind him were relentless as they went on to attack Chee Yen for his position. Between the heated battle, Kuo took Chee Yen down. The race ended with Chen Hsuan Ming of Dream Team finishing fastest at 22’46:618s.

Commenting on the race, Chen said, “I think the Malaysian riders have an added advantage on their home ground. They were really professional in their riding techniques. My machine’s condition was very smooth, especially the first half. But by the seventh lap, I could already feel my tires heating up. By then, I increased my traction control to reduce the spinning on the rear and to reduce the temperature so that I was in better control of the machine. Overall, the race was really good. For tomorrow, I will try to correct today’s mistakes and get more track time to improve. We definitely made a lot of mistakes because we are not used to the circuit but we will try again tomorrow.”

Teammate Kuo Shih Wei clocked in second fastest at 22’52:085s.

Khoo Chee Yen of Mobilub Suzuki Racing made it third fastest at 22’52:860s.


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