The Berjaya Sompo YAMAHA Y16ZR Race MasterClass has been an incredible spectacle, showcasing the impressive skills of riders from across the nation, involving handpicked riders from the One-Make to CP125 race categories of the PETRONAS Malaysian Cub Prix Championship. Now into its 2nd season, and moving into the second round this weekend at the Sepang International Circuit, there are more dramas coming your way!!!

Before we can feast our eyes on all the dramas about to occur on track this weekend, let’s have a closer look at this category. Do the riders really mean it when they call the Y16ZR race – A Race of Fairness? Does that mean there is no fairness in other categories? Whoopsss!! Let’s hear it from the riders, themselves.


Abdullah Qayyum Abdul Razak

Yes, absolutely a race of fairness because there’s no difference in specs of the machine. Each and every machine has equal capabilities. So, it all depends on the talent and smartness you are going to perform differently from others. Yet, the thrill is lesser here, in my opinion.

“This is my second year in this category and before this, I was racing in MSBK250 from 2019 until 2021. In MSBK250, you have to apply the right strategy and you can plan beforehand by comparing the capability of machines. There are certain advantages in the aspect of specs, hence, I find it quite thrilling. Meanwhile, Y16zr, it’s hard! Hahaha.. if you are good you will be at the front, but at the same time, you can identify the real potential of yourself on track.

“There are pros and cons. But, I’m much more comfortable in MSBK250.That’s it. However, I wouldn’t deny the challenges and fun in this category. At the moment, I’m leading with 34 points on my hand. I hope I can lead all the way until the end of the season to grab the title. Let’s have some fun this year!

Contrary to Qayyum’s statement, his main contender, Arash Tsunami who is just a point a way, finds this category appealing while agreeing to the matter of fairness


Arash Tsunami

“Definitely, I have equal fun in both categories I participate in Cub Prix and also MSBK. When it comes to one make race, it reveals the truest potential and capabilities of each rider. None of them are easy to win when you have no advantages in the sense of specs. How else we can describe it? Fairness, would be the right judgment no?

“At the same time, we have to agree there are an equal amount of challenges in this round and it’s not easy. I would also call it a shortcut to get a slot in ARRC. Honestly, every rider dreams of spreading their wings higher and higher until they reach their goal – which is to be in the eyes of the world!

“So this would be the right shot for us younger riders to grab a spot in Asia level. This season has many experienced riders. Some of them have competed in higher-level categories. So, I believe it ain’t gonna be any easy. All of them have their own strength and talent. So. let’s see what I could achieve here, if I am lucky enough I would definitely make my way into ARRC.”

Interestingly enough, Shafiq Ezzariq, another tough competitor, seems pleased just like Arash.


Shafiq Ezzariq

“I would say the competitiveness in Y16ZR is more fair compared to the other categories. I currently compete in the CP125 category, there is not much difference in riding skills but the challenges are pretty massive. In  CP125 class there are different manufacturers with machines of different capabilities. Some machines can be slower than the usual level of speed or heavier and some can be super fast. So, strategically, there are some hurdles and you have to be fast and precise on the track.

“In Y16ZR it seems to be more comfortable. Yet, I believe the level of competitiveness is not any lesser because all the riders that have been chosen are the best from every category. The plus is machines with the same capabilities and only the skills differ. Hence, the best takes up the victory. This is surprisingly appealing to me.

“There are still a fair amount of challenges here, I assume. We have experienced riders in there like, Syamil Amsyar, Aliff Danial, and a few others. To a certain extent, we know each other’s abilities. It can be pros and cons.

“Hence, to get my first title in my debut season can be tough but not impossible. Regardless, I’m pretty excited”


In conclusion, their judgment sounds perfectly fine and here we have to also highlight, it doesn’t mean there’s no fairness in other categories. There are some advantages according to the capabilities of each manufacturer. That’s how we can measure the specialty of the specs and engines.

Nevertheless, One make race is always known for scouting talents and building more capable riders with the objective of being able to compete in elite categories not only in Asia but also maybe at the world level, one day!


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