Race 2, Round 1 of Malaysia Superbike Championship was held at the Sepang International Circuit today. Kasma Daniel Kasmayudin of Yamaha Gen Blu Racing Team Asean bagged the win today for MSBK1000 A race category.

It was a fantastic show between Azroy and Kasma yesterday. Kasma was seen injecting pressure on Azroy in the first few laps before finally taking over his position. Azroy who was determined to take the win went on to defend his position and at the last turn, sped up towards victory. Kasma took the second spot while Osama made it third.

As soon as the race began, Kasma took off with a great speed with Azroy at P2 and Azlan at P3. This time around, Azroy trailed Kasma closely but the rider ahead was at a good speed as he went on to showcase his dexterity. By the third lap, the duo was ahead of the troop trailing behind by 9s. By mid-race, Azroy inched closer to Kasma but Kasma was confident and steady as he went on to pick up speed. Azroy refused to give up as he went on to find ways to slide ahead.

The Yamaha rider was careful not to open any path for Azroy. Meanwhile, Azlan was on his own at P3 with no competitive pressure from the riders behind him. With three more laps to go, the competition between Kasma and Azroy became heated. For a moment, Azory took a slide ahead of Kasma but Kasma was quick to recover. At the final lap, the duo was 27s away from Azlan. Kasma never gave in to the pressure as he went on to conclude the race at 21’21:258s.

Commenting on the race, Kasma said, “I dedicate this win to Haruki, who was my friend and a great competitor in the ARRC scene. During the race, I tried to manage my lap time. I know that Azroy was very close behind but I stayed focused to maintain consistency with my lap time. I know that Azroy will find his way in the last few laps so I waited for that and prepared to be in control.”

At second spot was Azroy of Boon Siew Honda Racing Team at 21’23:084s.

Azlan Shah Kamaruzaman of Horizon Racing Team took third at 21’56:129s.


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