Round 3 of the Malaysia Superbike Championship took place today at the PETRONAS Sepang International Circuit. Md Shahrol Syazras of Malaysia marked the fastest today in Race 1 of the Honda CBR250RR Challenge Cup race category.

This morning in the qualifying session, Shahrol Syazras of Malaysia picked up on his performance compared to yesterday in the FP session and made it fastest at 2’31:207s. Darwisy of Malaysia clocked in second fastest with his best lap time at 2’31:715s. At third fastest was Nguyen Duch Thanh of Vietnam with his best lap time at 2’32:853s.

The battle between Syazras, Darwish and Duch Thanh in Race 1 was never-ending as the trio fought to maintain their positions. As the race picked up, Darwish came into lead position with Syazras and Duch Thanh trailing closely at P2 and P3 respectively. However, as the one lap after the other was closed, the battle was more evident between Darwish and Syazras who kept pressuring his contender before finally taking over. Darwish was not happy and went on to challenge Syazras. On the final lap, Syazras went on to maintain his momentum, careful not to make mistakes and although Darwish attempted to make his move. Syazras went on to complete the race first at 20’22:021.

Commenting on the race, Syazras said, “The race today went very well in my opinion and I am pleased with the end result. It was tough for sure, especially in the beginning but I tried to remain consistent throughout the race. I only stayed focused and made sure that I was mentally strong. The machine had no issues and it was a smooth ride, frankly. Of course, the ultimate rivals are Darwish and Duch Thanh. They are equally consistent and strong on the scene. For tomorrow’s race, I will maintain being calm and do my best.”

Taking the second fastest spot was Ahmad Darwish of Malaysia at 20’22:256s.

Nguyen Duch Tanh made it third fastest at 20’38:503s.


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