Round 2 of the Malaysia Superbike Championship (MSBK) saw great action on the circuit in Race 2 at the Sepang International Circuit. Md Amir Izzat Rozali of Horizon Racing Team clocked in fastest in the MSBK1000 B race category.

In Race 1, Amir went on a great start at the lead position. However, by mid-race, Chen closed the gaps and took over Amir’s position. Meanwhile, Chee Yen who played it cool in the beginning began flexing his muscles as he went on to strike. The race got heated when Kuo began attacking and by the end of the race, Chee Yen succumbed.

In the morning, during Race 2, Chee Yen found his pace at P1 in the very beginning of the race followed by Amir and Radzi. By the end of lap 2, Amir overtook Chee Yen while Radzi went on to challenge him. Chen was making his way into the top troop. Before the lap ended, Radzi and Teo moved ahead of Chee Yen. With six more laps to go, Chen was finally among the top three riders. By mid-race, Radzi worked on his moves to overtake Amir and succeeded.

Chen, who was trailing, looked for ways to close the gaps with Radzi and made a swing from the outside ahead of Amir. With three more laps to go, Chen aimed for Radzi. The duo remained competitive as Radzi went on to guard his position but into the 8th lap, Chen moved from the inside and overtook Radzi.  As the battle heated up, Radzi and Amir took on a bold stance and superseded Chen. But Chen was adamant. As Radzi went on to claim fastest in the race for the morning at 22’39:774s, Chen clocked in second fastest.

Commenting on the race, Radzi said, “For the coming race, I will try to work on my moves like I did this morning. Today’s setup of the machine is definitely better than yesterday. I tried to stay among the front troop. I watch the other riders’ moves as well and I try to act upon it. For later, depending on the weather, we might make some last-minute changes to ensure the machine is optimised. Our mechanic has tuned the Ducati machine very well for now but there might be some slight improvements for Race 3.”

Chen Hsuan Ming clocked in at 22’39:950s.

Md Amir Izzat of Horizon Racing Team clocked in third fastest at 22’41:706s.


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