Round 2 of the Malaysia Superbike Championship (MSBK) saw riders of the MSBK600 race category putting on a good fight in Race 2. Khairul Idham Pawi of Boon Siew Honda Racing Team struck while the iron was hot before claiming victory in the MSBK600 race category.

Helmi was impressive yesterday in Race 1 when he took the lead and charged towards victory in the 10-lap race. While Khairul attempted his moves on Helmi, the latter’s position was not compromised. Ibrahim who came into the scene of MSBK this round, clearly was still trying to find his pace. The Boon Siew duo seemed to have found their rhythm in the race category.

In Race 2 earlier this morning, Helmi once again went on a good start, immediately taking lead at the first turn followed by Sharul Ezwan in P2 and Khairul at P3. Seconds into the race, Khairul made a quick exchange with Sharul and took P2 before going on to chase his teammate. Meanwhile, Ibrahim at P4 tried to overtake Sharul. By the end of lap 2, Khairul finally overtook Helmi. Soichiro moved into P3 with Ibrahim trailing closely. At the last turn, Ibrahim overtook Soichiro before aiming to strike Helmi. Into lap 4, Ibrahim did it and Soichiro’s attempt to attack Helmi worked.

By mid-race, Ibrahim who was inching closer to Khairul made a quick pass and took the lead. Helmi on the other hand was not about to give up and found his way to close the gap with Soichiro. Among the four, Helmi battled with Soichiro while Khairul went on to pressure Ibrahim. 3 laps to go, Khiarul overtook Ibrahim from the inside at the first turn but before the lap ended, Ibrahim managed to swing himself back into P1. Helmi, on the other hand, broke free from Soichiro. At the final lap, Khairul sped ahead from the inside and once again took the lead. The pole-man was back in charge. His teammate, Helmi found his way into P2 and for a moment into P1 but overshot and Khairul was swift in his moves to seize the moment before speeding towards victory at 21’52:038s.

Commenting on the race, Khairul said, “This race was quite positive as the setup of the machine was good. I had some problems with the suspension yesterday so today, we did not have those issues. The race was definitely very competitive. Mid-race, my tires were losing grip. But I tried to keep up with the racing line and am grateful for the win today.”

Teammate, Helmi Azman made it second for the morning at 21’52:333s.

Md Ibrahim Noroddin of Yamaha Gen Blu Racing Team ASEAN took third at 21’52:341s.


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