Osama Mareai is no longer a stranger to the Malaysia Superbike Championship (MSBK). He is all geared up for the challenge that Round 2 is bound to bring at the Sepang International Circuit.

The Yemeni born and raised rider found his passion in motorcycle racing since he was a kid and is the first Yemeni in history to have embraced professional riding. His venture into motorcycle racing stemmed when he came to Malaysia to pursue his tertiary education and found the opportunity to race professionally on a recognised platform – MSBK. While his family does not support his endeavours considering motorcycle racing comes with its own hazards, he nevertheless took it as a challenge that would eventually prove a different perspective among those who share the same sentiments as his family.

Commenting on the hazards of motorcycle racing, Osama said, “I love speed. So, it is a lot safer to practice such a dangerous hobby like this in a safer, secured environment – race circuits to be precise, moreover in a professional racing platform. In my opinion, MSBK is one of the best platforms there is to take my passion to another level.”

This season, Osama has shown improvements which led to his win over the weekend in Round 1. He marked the fastest for Race 2 and Race 3 despite the brake issues that he encountered throughout the weekend. While he took the “Weekend Warrior” trophy at the end of the race weekend, Osama was confident that he could have performed better if it was not for the mechanical issues.

He said, “At the moment, we are still working on the brake issues. We have upgraded some parts as well and are hoping for the best outcome. Apart from the machine, I have also been training on my MiniGP bike at the go kart Sepang and I also do a little bit of Supermoto and Motocross for seat time. I also keep up to a good fitness workout routine, flexibility mobility, endurance and strength training to buck up on my overall performances.”

On challenges, Osama said, “I am trying to hit anywhere below 2.11 and I am positive that I am able to achieve it. My machine may be the oldest bike on the grid but I probably just need a little bit of track time at Sepang since I do not ride there as often. It is challenging to race against the factory teams since they have unlimited budget and spare parts which we don’t get to match but I will give it my best shot with whatever that we have.”

Osama has been riding on the circuit since 2019. He joined MSF 2019 and won. He joined MSBK in 2019 for its last round and finished 3rd overall for the MSBK SuperStock B.


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