Khairul Idham Pawi of BOON SIEW HONDA RACING TEAM who made impressive moves in Race 1 and Race 2, Round 1 of the MSBK600 class in the Malaysia Superbike Championship will return to Round 2 this weekend at the Sepang International Circuit.

The nail-biting battle between Khairul fondly known as KIP and his teammate became even more exciting when KIP barged in first in Race 2 once again after his victory in Race 1. While the show went on with its usual flow in Race 3, it ended with a twist at the final lap when KIP’s machine gave way, instantly opening the pathway for his teammate to grab the top spot on the podium.

With his tyre almost done for the day, KIP struggled to get to the chequered flag just in time to take the 7th place with a total of 9 points to add on to his overall points. Race 3 was a perfect example of luck outsmarting the dexterity of a full-fledged rider however the defeat was not something that would take KIP’s shine away.

KIP is already working on his next moves for the coming round. Commenting on the coming race, KIP said, “For Round 2, I have been spending more time on the machine as this would further enhance my riding abilities and provide me a better lap time.”

“My biggest challenge in MSBK would definitely be my very own teammate, Azroy. Of course, no doubt that other riders are equally challenging too. Apart from that, challenges also come from the machine itself. Looking at the example from my previous race, it is not always about the riding techniques or rider’s ability. At times, there are unforeseen incidents due to the machine. At the end of the day, I will still do my best to ensure that I surpass my own personal benchmark of excellence.”

Commenting on goals, KIP said, “My goal is to win the championship in MSBK this year. I will do my best.”


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