Muhammad Fauzi Hassan has always been highly competitive in the MSBK250 B class of the Malaysia Superbike Championship (MSBK).

In Round 2 which was held at the Sepang International Circuit (SIC), Fauzi put on a good show when he bagged the “Weekend Warrior” title with two fastest spots in Race 1 and Race 3 and one second fastest spot.

Fauzi did not make his name only in recent times. In the year 2021, Fauzi took the win in Round 1 when he made fastest in Race 1 and Race 2. He obtained 66 points in total which placed him at the number one spot. In Round 2 however, Fauzi took one step down on the podium at the second spot with a total of 56 points.

This year, Fauzi who rode aboard the Kawasaki Ninja 250 made his comeback. For a rider who may not have the professional manoeuvring skills, he has displayed the ability to handle his machine and steer his wheels consistently throughout the race.

Commenting on the upcoming race, Fauzi said, “For Round 2, we are quite prepared especially with the data that we have obtained in Round 1. We hope to do better definitely, especially in ensuring that we hold on to the title. It would be tough with the participation of other riders in Round 2 and we won’t take it lightly. If there is an opportunity, we will strike it in the best way possible.”

Fauzi has been self-funding to take his passion and calibre to greater heights. He said, “The bulk of the funds are of our own. However, we do receive some help from sponsors like Mosa Racing, WRX Jetron, HLM and other supporters and we are grateful for their trust in us.”

Speaking about inspiration, Fauzi said, “His family members, friends and sponsors inspire me to do better in the races. They believe in my capabilities and as such, I strive to give my best.”


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