Muhd Fareez Afeez A. Rahman of SINGDECA RACING took the win in Race 2 of the Yamalube Yamaha Y16ZR Race MasterClass. He will once again take a stride in Round 2 of the Superbike Malaysia Championship (MSBK) this weekend.

The race class which made its debut in Round 1 saw 30 riders aboard the Yamaha Y16ZR engaging in a highly competitive ride, hoping to make history with the first win. Fareez was not left out of the mission. While he put on a good fight with the rest of the riders, Fareez only managed to score himself the fifth spot on the podium in Race 1.

Nevertheless, the battle wasn’t complete until Race 2 was over. The next day, Fareez bucked up to embrace the challenge that the class brings with it. With the rush of adrenaline pumping through the bodies of the young talented riders who were handpicked for this race class, it was not an easy feat for Fareez. Throughout the race, Fareez was seen struggling to maintain his pace but he made quick moves towards the last two laps to take the lead. He then took speed and completed the race fastest for the day.

Commenting on the race, Fareez said, “As the race class is new, it required some time on my part to learn the handling of the machine and gauge the strengths of other riders. While Race 1 was alright, I was more confident in Race 2.”

“Riding in a race class with riders riding the same machine poses different sets of challenges. So, it truly depends on the ability to understand the machine and the overall individual performance. Riders are all equally of high calibre and at the end of the day, it is about finding the right techniques and pace to distinguish from the others.”

Fareez is definitely poised for the coming round and with his win in Race 2, he looks forward to taking yet another win. Currently, he sits at the first spot in the overall standings with a total of 36 points.

“I am looking forward to a win in Round 2 for sure. The preparations entail re-structuring of strategies as well as ensuring that my overall fitness suits the needs of the race class. Keeping my fingers crossed to excel.”


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