Muhd Fareez Afeez A Rahman of SINGDECA RACING team takes the win in Race 2, Yamalube Yamaha Y16ZR Race MasterClass thus concluding Round 1 of Malaysia Superbike Championship.


The highly competitive feat came to a close when Fareez took the lead in the last two laps before heading towards the finish line first. Fareez did not make it to top three in Race 1 however he made a significant improvement in Race 2 when he pushed himself all the way up from the 8th spot on the grid.


Fareez was seen grappling with his speed throughout the race. In lap 3, Fareez managed to break out of the troop and take lead only to fall back into P7 in lap 4. However, Fareez did not fall defeat to the challenge. He managed to pace himself up and by lap 5, he repositioned himself in P1 before completing lap 6 with a victory.


Fareez clocked in at 17’52:803s.


Commenting on the race, Fareez said, “In the beginning, I just tried to get into the rhythm. But at the last corner, I pushed myself ahead and managed to take the win.”


Coming in at the second place was, Muhd Faiz Khairul Azmi of SHENG KONG MOTOR logged in at 17’52:822s.


At third place, Abdullah Qayyum Abd Razak of LIANG SOON RACING UNION made it at 17’52:953s.


Top 5 Winners – Yamalube Yamaha Y16ZR Race MasterClass

  1. Muhd Fareez Afeez A Rahman, SINGDECA RACING, 17’52:803
  2. Muhd Faiz Khairul Azmi, SHENG KONG MOTOR, 17’52:822s
  3. Abdullah Qayyum Abd Razak, LIANG SOON RACING UNION, 17’52:953s
  4. Mohd Aildil Mohd Ayub, WELLY RACING, 17’53:118s
  5. Muhd Adam Haikal Jahar, SENG HOE PERFORMANCE RACING, 17’53:182s



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