Azroy Hakeem Anuar bagged the top spot on the podium in Race 3, MSBK600 Class of the Malaysia Superbike Championship.


After two races defeated by his teammate, Khairul Idham Pawi, Azroy finally took the win with a little bit luck added to his technical dexterity and the speed of the CBR600RR machine.


While in the first few laps, KIP was confidently making his way at P1, Azroy found strength to overtake him mid race. That did not stop KIP from continuing his pursuit to get back into P1. Towards the second last lap, KIP took control of his momentum and took lead once again however, the battle continued between the duo at the turns.


As the race became heated up, KIP lost control of his bike amidst trying to break into P1 but very quickly regained his momentum just before his rear tire gave way. Azroy bolted ahead as KIP was forced to slow down.


Azroy completed the race, logging in at 21’52:519s.


Commenting on the race, Azroy said, “It was a good race and as much as I wanted to win this race, I was a little sad that my teammate didn’t make it to the podium. We will try again for sure and do better for the next round.”


Grabbing the opportunity to make it at second and third were duo of SIC RACING TEAM, Muhd Ibrahim Mohd Norrodin and M Danial Syahmi A Shahril who clocked in at 22’00:499s and 22’01:520s respectively.


Top 5 Winners – MSBK600

  1. Azroy Hakeem Anuar, HONDA BOON SIEW RACING TEAM, 21’52:519s
  2. Muhd Ibrahim Mohd Noroddin, SIC RACING TEAM, 22’00:499s
  3. M Danial Syahmi A Shahril, SIC RACING TEAM, 22’01:520s
  4. Muhd Syarifuddin Azman, SIC RACING TEAM, 22’06:389S
  5. Nazirrul Izzat M Bahauddin, YAMAHA GEN BLU RACING TEAM ASEAN, 22’12:289S



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