Round 3 of the Malaysia Superbike Championship happened today at the PETRONAS Sepang International Circuit. Md Amir Izzat Rozali of Horizon Racing Team marked the fastest today in Race 1, MSBK1000 B race category.

Earlier today in the qualifying session, Ming Chen of Dream Team went on to make his mark when he made the fastest lap time at 2’12:599s. Second fastest was Amir Izzat of Horizon Racing Team with his best lap time at 2’13:252s. Chee Yen of Mobilub Suzuki Racing Team made third fastest with his best lap time at 2’16:292s.

It was quite a show with the MSBK1000 B scene when Ming Chen, Amir and Chee Yen went compete for the best spot. The three riders who have familiarised the circuit over the last two rounds seemed confident as they injected pressure among each other. By the third lap, positions changed between the trio with Amir taking lead followed by Ming Chen and Khoo. Kuo who was waiting to make his move finally overtook Chee Yen on the third lap. The fight for the fastest spot was evident between Amir and Ming Chen who kept challenging each other. Kuo at P3 began facing pressure from Radzi who superseded Chee Yen. With two more laps to go, Ming Chen made it ahead of Amir once again. On the final lap, Ming Chen and Amir went on one final battle before Amir clocked in first at 22’29:396s.

Commenting on the race, Amir said, “The race today was very tough to be honest because the Taiwanese rider aboard his BMW was really strong. I had a very good start I would say but mid-race, it got a little challenging. I tried to follow bike #52 until the last lap. On the last lap, I kept close to bike #52, I managed to strike at the last turn. That machine was in a good condition throughout. There is some setup more to be done for tomorrow. I know that Race 2 and Race 3 will be a tough one because Chen is very competitive but I hope to do better than today.”

Hsuan Ming Chen of Dream Team made it second fastest at 22’29:524s.

At third fastest was Shih Wei Kuo who clocked in at 22’59:010s.


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