Muhd Adie Putra Sukarno of TME MOTORSPORTS team pulled a stunner when he dashed across the finish line fastest in the Yamalube Yamaha Y16ZR Race MasterClass.

The rider came out of nowhere towards the lap last with a striking move to create a historical moment that would make him the first winner of the newly established class.

The class saw a pack of 30 riders moving closely around the circuit in a bid to grab a shot on the podium. Adie who began at the 15 th spot on the grid made it to the top three position in lap 3 but was later consumed by the riders in a highly competitive stride.

Commenting on the race, “It was a tough ride. I kept pushing myself to break into the compact space in between the riders. Finally, at the last lap, I found the opportunity and I grabbed it.”

Adie clocked in at 17’49:383s.

Coming in second was Ahmad Syukran Aizat Yusoff of ADVANCE VERTEX RACING team logging in at 17’49:446s.

At third place was M. Norhakim Norhafizullah of TAKONG RACING Team at 17’49:592s.

Top 5 Winners – Yamalube Yamaha Y16ZR Race MasterClass
1. Muhd Adie Putra Sukarno, TME MOTORSPORTS, 17’49:383s
2. Ahmad Syukran Aizzat Yusoff, ADVANCE VERTEX RACING, 17’49: 446s
3. M. Norhakim Norhafizullah, TAKONG RACING, 17’49:592s
4. Danial Johan, HOCK LIONG MOTOR RACING, 17’49:642s
5. Muhd Fareez Afeez A. Rahman, SINGDECA RACING, 17’49:730s



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