A most valuable experience which is a dream of every rider who steps into the scenes of two-wheel motorsports, is a slot to participate in the World Championship. Once you get to taste the delectability, you will want to keep feeding yourself with every other opportunity, or else the hunger for one haunts you.


It’s the same script for Soichiro Minamimoto of the Yamaha GEN BLU Racing Team, who replaced Kohta Nozane at the Correos Prepago Yamaha VR46 Master Camp team in the Argentina Grand Prix, recently. It was the first experience for the 23-year-old in the Moto2 class at the Grand Prix of Argentina.


As I mentioned, for Minamimoto the hunger continues…


Minamimoto is a former Yamaha VR46 Master Camp student who took part in the first and second editions of the training week for young talent, in Tavullia. Before accepting the Moto2 wildcard, the Japanese rider was racing in the 2023 Asia Road Racing Championship in the SS600 class.


“Joining Moto2 was a dream of mine when I was a kid. This chance to go to Argentina is only possible with Yamaha‘s support. Thanks to em. Even though it wasn’t the result the team expected, it is the most valuable experience for me to date. The most confusing part for me was that the Moto2 bikes were so much different. It took me some time to get used t  the machine, circuit, and also the way of handling myself on track.


“But more than that, I was overwhelmed by the high level of Moto2 riders, their feelings, and their mental strength. I was amazed by their ability on and off track. So much to learn from them. So, if ever hope for another chance I strongly believe that I will desperately need to work on my performance in ARRC for me to capture the right eyes.


“Hence my participation in MSBK  is a practice ground for me to prepare myself to perform better in ARRC and at the same time I would like to make use of this opportunity to grab a slot in elite categories. However, the opening round was a tough race, so I will do my best to be able to fight for the top positions this time.


The journey of Minamimoto began as early as 6 years old when his father got him a pocket bike and at the age of 14 he made a debut in the ALL – Japan race. From t   national level to Asia, Minamimoto at the age of 16 spread his wings into ARRC, 7 years down the lane, and now he making waves in MSBK.


“The racing scene here is almost the same as ARRC as most of the Malaysian riders are there in the ARRC. Hence, my first season isn’t so bad. The competitiveness level here in MSBK is same level as Asia so I believe this will be the right platform for me to improve myself.


“My main contenders, I would say from Boonsiew Honda Racing Team just as how in ARRC. Especially KIP and Helmi, they are super fast and their machines too. So, a tough challenge awaits me in this weekend’s race.


“At the moment I don’t want to put much pressure on myself by focusing on the championship title or what am I going achieve this season but I prefer focusing on each round at a time. I want to collect as many points as possible and finish every race with a podium.”


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