Round 1 MAM Malaysia Superbike Championship was held at PETRONAS Sepang International Circuit. Rakha Bima Saktiansyah of Honda NWN SCK Racing Team appeared as Weekend Champion as he won Race 2 of the MSBK250 B race category.

Rakha put on a good show by leading the pack as soon as the race started. In P2, was Malaysian rider, Md Naqib Rifqi Zulhelmi followed by Mohd Farderin Iskandar of Darsalube MH Racing Team in P3.

Rakha displayed great confidence throughout the race as he never looked back once to check on the contenders. Rakha only had his eyes focused on the race against himself watched him leaving the pack further behind.

While in P3, Farderin trailed behind Naqib, he tried to overtake Naqib but failed as Naqib made sure there was no room for Farderin for the attempt.

Rakha proved the victory on this weekend belonged to him as he took the win at 20’46:771s. With the races combined, Rakha made it as the Weekend Champion.

Rakha stated, “It was awesome and satisfying to be able to leave all the riders far away behind me. To all my Indonesian supporters, here I am, returning with 2 wins!”

Malaysian rider, Md Naqib Rifqi Zulhelmi placed second at 21’00:746s.

Mohd Farderin Iskandar of Darsalube MH Racing Team took third spot at 21’03:725s.



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