Race 2, Round 1 of Malaysia Superbike Championship was held at the Sepang International Circuit today. Abdullah Qayyum Razak of NS1 Racing Team pulled a stunner in the Berjaya Sompo Y16ZR Race MasterClass.

The battle was unending among the riders in the race category with an exchange of riders at the lead position. Arash however emerged from the back towards the last two laps and worked his strategies before slip-streaming after the last-turn towards victory. Shafiq who was seen playing it safe among the front troop tried to avoid Arash from shadowing him but failed and took the second spot. Iqram, who was among the huge troop of riders, hit the finish line third.

Today’s race began with Qayyum as the pole-man however with 32 riders revving in at the same time, the P1 position switched between riders before Shafiq emerged at P1 at the end of lap 1 followed by Qayyum and Arash at P3. Mid lap 2, Qayyum managed to get back ahead although he faced intense pressure from the riders trailing. At the turns, Shafiq was seen battling with Qayyum while the others chased furiously. Syukran and Danial joined in the battle but Qayyum went on to stay ahead.

Mid-race, Syamil and Arash began making their moves. Moving into P2 and P3, they went on a competitive stride with Qayyum and Shafiq. With 2 more laps to go, Arash took the lead for a while. The troop of riders were relentless and they managed their machines in the tight line. At the final lap, Akid emerged in the lead position while Qayyum and Shafiq managed among the front troop. At the final turn, Qayyum slip-streamed ahead of Danial and Syukran clocking in first at 17’46:888s.

Commenting on the race, Qayyum said, “The race earlier was quite competitive. But I tried to maintain my position among the front troop. I tried not to make any mistakes. I know there was a huge troop behind me and they were all looking for the opportunity to strike. I just went on with my momentum and am so grateful for the blessings today.”

In second place, Danial Johan of Tiga-S Motor Team clocked in at 17’46:926s.

Ahmad Syukran Aizat of YS Chong Motor logged in at 17’46:931s.


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