Rakha Bima Saktiansyah, a promising young talent from Indonesia, has made an impressive debut by clinching victories in both Race 1 and Race 2 of the MSBK250 B category in MAM Malaysia Superbike Championship 2024 Round 1. Representing the Honda NWN SCK Racing Team, Rakha’s outstanding performance not only marks his debut but also his first time competing overseas.

Rakha’s achievement is a significant milestone for the 14-year-old rider, who has been diligently training for this moment. Reflecting on his success, Rakha expressed, “I feel very satisfied after Race 2 because I have trained rigorously for this moment. My main goal was simply to finish the races, but after the qualifying rounds, I gained the confidence that I could perform well in both Race 1 and Race 2.”

In a surprising and heartwarming turn of events, Rakha revealed that the Bandung City government plans to construct a racing circuit in his hometown as a reward for his remarkable achievement.

Rakha said, “The biggest impact of this victory is the pride I have brought to my parents. Additionally, the Bandung City government has announced their support for my racing career by planning to build a circuit near my home. This development is incredibly exciting for me and for the local racing community.”

Rakha’s victory is particularly noteworthy as it marks not only his first win but also his first time racing outside of Indonesia. He shared, “It was my first time racing in another country, and to win here felt surreal and incredibly rewarding. The experience has been overwhelming in the best way possible.”

“I hope to continue enhancing my skills and achieve even greater results in upcoming races. This win has given me immense confidence and motivation to push my limits and aim for higher goals,” he added.



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