Muhd Irfan Haykal Amidi of BOON SIEW HONDA RACING TEAM took the win at Race 1, Round 2 of the Malaysia Superbike Championship (MSBK) in the MSBK250 A Class.

It was a close battle among the top four riders who were on a chase towards earning the winning title. Idlan took the pole position on the grid, followed by Farish on the second spot, Irfan on the third and Emil at the fourth.

For the first seven laps, Idlan was seen swiftly taking strides around the circuit at the lead position. While the trio behind him were engaged in a switch of positions between laps, Idlan remained focused and poised at P1. By the last lap however, Farish managed to boldly slide into the P1
position. Luck was not on his side though when seconds into P1, he took a fall which gave Idlan who were at arm’s length the opportunity to quickly grab back the lead position.

As the race continued with Idlan at P1 and with Farish out of the equation, it was then a fight between the top three trio. At the last turn, a twist to the plot took place when Irfan slid ahead of his teammate Idlan.

That was his winning moment as Irfan took speed and completed the race at 20’18:124s.

Commenting on the race, Irfan said, “In the beginning, I only trailed the riders ahead of me and stayed put in the top four groups. It was not until the last lap that I saw the opportunity to take the lead and grabbed it.”

“I thank my team for this win.”

Muhd Idlan Hakimi Raduan added the cheer for BOON SIEW HONDA RACING TEAM when he landed at the second spot, clocking in at 20’18:276s.

At the third place, it was Emil Idzhar Ezuan of SIC RACING who made his fastest at 20’18:711s.


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