Some people love their motorcycles. And people do crazy things when they’re in love. “We’re just a bunch of fools,” says one speedway enthusiast, and it’s tough to argue against that statement – They race. They go flying. They get up and race some more.

Fyi.. some love stories with their bikes begins at forty, like how the old folks say, life starts at 40. A 41-year-old chiropractor, doctor by profession, barged into motorsports world, as in abruptly.

Let’s get to know, Michael Chan a.k.a Dc Mike, a physician of chiropractic. of DMC Racing @Seven Motorsports, who is about make his debut in Malaysia Superbike Championships, MSBK, 2023, season opener which will commence on 18th August 2023.

“ I got my first bike in 2018, a Kymco scooter. Not very long after, swapped up for a Yamaha Tracer 09. Very quickly after that, sat on a BMW s1000r and said buh bye to the Tracer. I always wanted to ride. Yet, just needed a push. Same guy who got me started also encouraged me to go to a track day with him.”

“Its all ‘peer pressure’ I would say. From there, it went like track days…more track days…coaching…more coaching.”

“Thereafter, you know, when you are hanging around with folks who race, who are really good, fast technical riders. The tipping point? When over drinks, as the guys discuss racing setups while I could only mumble a bit about some guy who cut me off at the last trackday. Utter hang my head in shame moment and the curiosity to know more, I would say it killed me.”

“It was just a matter of time before I said I got to give racing a go. I declared it over one of those dinners…say it loud, say it proud, can’t back out.”

The double degree holder from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT University) in Australia, where, he graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Clinical Sciences and a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science, has taken a leap of faith in 2022 when he decided to compete at a professional platform and got himself a coach.

“2022 was a leap of faith. I participated in my first MSF race which I finished P3 in the rookie class. Quite unexpected but I have always given my best in anything I ventured into, thus far. I also took part in the supermoto race a few weeks after. Unfortunately, I hobbled out after breaking my foot in a first lap crash during race 2. That being said, the fire was lit.”

“Thereafter, I really, only wanted to do a full season of MSF racing this year. Somehow, somewhere, my coach Hafiq Azmi nudged me more than a few times, and my teammates Jim & Osama managed to persuade me to give MSBK a go. And… here we are.”

Apart from peer pressure, the technicality of the motorsports itself has attracted Dr Mike who has immense love for learning and trying out new things.

“What drives me is learning. I enjoy the process of learning and when it comes to motorsports especially two wheels, it’s all technical learning. Physical and technical learning. It is not only about the skills to handle your machine on circuit or the greatness of the machine itself, I would say it an huge role, to get your skills right and to be on the track, riding towards the finishing line, it requires proper data.”

“Data driven application of learnt skills. Put in the work, do the right thing get the right response. I love it.”

The 41-year-old, somehow, aware of the reality, taking his age and experience in motorsports into consideration, making his debut with zero expectations competitive results wise. More like a hobby, but a worthy one!

“ Let’s be real here…I ain’t going nowhere with my skillset and age is definitely trending the other side of young for me. I started as a very slow rider, I had a cascade of questions and needed technical answers to address my shortcomings and insecurities. I very much believe if someone else can, putting aside God given talent, I should be able to put in the work and get to a similar spot.”

“I suppose it’s a hobby that keeps on giving, the better one gets the more one pushes to be better. I am just going to ride the wave and keep going for as long as I realistically can.”

“In regards of race this weekend, honestly…I have no expectations. I want to finish, not get hit with a blue flag and get a personal best time. I am quite looking forward to the race atmosphere, to the intensive learning curve I am sure to get hit with. Even the physical management is going to be fun.

Lock and load!”


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