Round 3 of the Malaysia Superbike Championship will take place once again at Sepang International Circuit this weekend. Raking it high on the charts are Mr Irfan Haykal of Boon Siew Honda in the MSBK250 A, Md Izrul Huzaimi of Horizon Racing Team in MSBK250 B and Shahrol Syazras in the Honda CBR250RR Challenge Cup race category.

It has never been an easy feat riding in the MSBK250 with three different race classes running alongside each other. However, the riders understand the nuances and what matters most is their personal and professional achievements in their own class. Throughout the season, Irfan has been unbeatable, finishing first on the podium in all four races of the MSBK250 A race class. Izrul on the other hand was in top form in Round 2 when he went all out to claim the Weekend Champion title. Syazras may be new to the race class but his consistency and determination has definitely rewarded him handsomely in Round 2.

Commenting on the upcoming round, Irfan said, “It has been a superb season throughout, to be honest. I think that there are really good, competitive riders in the race category. Muzakkir was one who really challenged me in the last round and I think there will be a stiff competition with him. My teammate Farid Hakimi was not bad himself too and has been quite strong in all the races. Having said that, I am still proud of my achievements so far as I was able to defend my position pretty well in all the races. For the coming round, it may be a little tough as I am still recovering from my injury nevertheless, there is no room for errors. I am determined to take the championship title and I am really close to it. The preparations are similar to the previous rounds. The machine is in its best condition. I am quite familiar with the Sepang circuit and the circuit being my favourite one, I think I can tackle the obstacles. So, keeping my fingers crossed that there won’t be other out of the ordinary challenges.”

Izrul on the other hand said, “Overall, I think I have improved over the last two rounds but I think I can do more and I will try and enhance my performances further. During each race, I take note of my mistakes and try to do better to improve my weaknesses. During the test week, I will have some time to work on my skills and see what needs to be developed further. In terms of the machine, there are still some shortcomings but it is not a big problem so far and we will continue to find the right setup that will work for the weekend. More importantly, it is about having the right riding techniques to complement the power of the machine. In my opinion, the race category as a whole has been a platform that has helped riders go further in their racing ambition. MSBK has provided that possibility for those who are enthusiastic about riding. Having said that, it is also important for each individual to be self-motivated if they want to excel. My ultimate rival would be Rakshith Dave whom I think is highly competitive. He also has a strategy in place which makes racing even more exciting. It is also a push to keep me going and to be better. This season is almost over but next year, it will be a start for a better season.”

Syazras said, “This year has been quite a challenge for me to be honest. There have been many ups and downs and this is my first year in the CBR250RR Challenge. So, it is pretty new for me – a lot to learn. But I am pleased with the overall results so far. As we all know, one of the main challenges with this race category is the use of a standard machine therefore there are no specially modified features. The most important thing to succeed would be the riding techniques and the ability to manoeuvre the machine. There is also great importance on the need to be physically and mentally fit. It is a highly competitive feat with many riders of great calibres, fast. Each one of them has their own strengths and weaknesses. To me, all of them are rivals. But it is a good platform because I have learnt a lot and have improved tremendously in my riding skills as well as in training my mind to stay focused on the endgame. It also helped me strategize better. My goal for the coming season would be to try out a higher capacity machine. Keeping my finger crossed! Insha Allah!”


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