Round 3 of the Malaysia Superbike Championship will take place once again at Sepang International Circuit this weekend. Kasma Daniel Kasmayudin of Yamaha Gen Blu Racing Team Asean will be back for another challenging weekend in the MSBK1000 B race class while Md Amir Izzat of Horizon Racing Team will participate in the MSBK1000 B race class.

It was a fantastic performance by Kasma throughout the season. In Race 1 of Round 1, he landed second on the podium but race 2 onwards up till the end of Round 2, he didn’t not budge away from the top spot on the podium and has banked a total of 120 points thus far. Kasma owns a certain flair in racing and it has definitely been one of his plus points and although this year has been a tough one for him, he seemed to have made it right in MSBK. Amir Izzat on the other hand seemed to have had his fair share of struggles but he has certainly stood out with his achievements throughout the season. Riding aboard the BMW S1000RR, he has not only displayed his abilities in manoeuvring a high-powered machine but also his level of competence in maintaining consistency throughout.

Kasma commented, “It has been a wonderful season this time around too for me. So, I am truly grateful for the accomplishments that I have made over the course of two rounds. Of course, the MSBK platform has also served as a training ground for me as I am also actively involved in other championships. It has given me the extra mileage needed to enhance myself further and I think I have also improved pretty well throughout the year. As a professional rider, having this exposure really adds value to me and I have enjoyed riding alongside some of our best riders like Azlan and Zaqhwan in the scene. I am sure that they will be all out too in this coming round so competing with them would definitely be fun. For the coming round, as usual, my preparations are the same. My machine is in a great condition and I trust that my team has been working hard to ensure that the performance is optimised. I hope to win the races once again and hopefully, I can repeat the same achievements like last year.”

Amir Izzat said, “This is my first year competing in the 1000cc race category or MSBK1000 B and I have been really happy with my achievements in the last two rounds. Two race victories in the last 5 races and I obtained P3 in Round 1 and P2 in Round 2, overall. I have also improved my lap time in Round 2 which is quite a positive progress. To me, MSBK offers a great opportunity for locals and internationals alike to compete competitively in the superbike racing and the format of having both A and B is a motivational factor for riders to keep learning, improving and becoming better. I have always dreamed of racing aboard a 1000cc machine and MSBK is a perfect platform that has given me the opportunity to try with a proper race format. I have come this far and I have no regrets whatsoever and I will continue to work hard and progress. In the MSBK1000 B race category, there are many fast riders and I think everyone is capable of taking the win. Eric Chen, #52 from Taiwan with his BMW, Radzi Omar #90 with Ducati and not forgetting CY #66 with Suzuki, are all fast riders in the B group. Therefore, I have to be focused and make sure that I don’t make any mistakes. The circuit has a great layout and it really brings the best and most of a rider. I have enjoyed riding there. As for next season, I don’t have any plans in the pipeline yet but my priority is to make sure that I finish first in Round 3.”


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