The Yamaha Y16ZR Race MasterClass, since its establishment in the beginning of the season, has witnessed a highly competitive ride among its riders. Arash Tsunami Kamarudin seeks to accelerate further in Round 3 of the Malaysia Superbike Championship which will be held at the Sepang International Circuit this weekend.

Arash has created a name since his debut in the PETRONAS Malaysian Cub Prix Championship this year. With his notable talent and steady achievements, he was then hand-picked to participate in MSBK which in turn would help him realise greater potential. His goals in each race, according to him, “I race to win. That’s my goal. I try to collect as many points as possible and that’s the ultimate goal at the end of the race.”

Having to ride in a race class with a bigger engine capacity with no prior experience may have seemed like a tough task for a rookie but for Arash, Round 1 was all about understanding the machine and learning the tricks and trades of manoeuvring an even more powerful product. As a result, Arash excelled in Race 1 of Round 2 with a win and took the fifth place for Race 2. That resulted in a big leap up in the overall standings for Arash who currently sits at the fifth spot.

Commenting on his race in Round 1, “It was definitely an unfavourable feat as luck was not on my side in Race 1. In Race 2, the result was made worse with a casualty when another rider made a mistake. However, I learnt from the two races that I need to be more careful and focused. The experience made me realise that I have to constantly be on my toes.”

“In Race 2 of Round 2, I only managed to score the fifth spot because I carelessly made a mistake at the last turn towards the chequered flag. I was very displeased. However, mistakes are my biggest secret to success as I learn a great deal from it. I also need to be more consistent and that’s what I am working towards in each race.”

Commenting on the team, Arash said, “I am very thankful to the organisers for giving me the space and opportunity to perform in the race category. It is a much-needed experience that fuels my enthusiasm further in becoming a professional rider. I am also grateful to Mr Ramesh and all the trainers in One-Make Race Yamaha Camp as well as the team of mechanics who have been directly and indirectly involved in building us up. Without them, I am nobody!”

“I have been working on my physical and mental strength as well as the well-being of my emotions to continue being smart in my moves. My goal for Round 3 is to win.”


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