Round 3 of the Malaysia Superbike Championship took place today at the PETRONAS Sepang International Circuit. Md Amir Izzat Rozali of Horizon Racing Team celebrated the win and Weekend Champion today in Race 3 of the MSBK1000 B race category.

This morning in Race 2, Amir fled ahead of his troop while Ming Chen and Radzi engaged in a fight for the second position. As Amir continued to pick up speed and removed himself from the pressure behind, Ming Chen and Radzi worked on their moves to stay ahead of each other. A few laps before the race ended, Ming Chen found his footing at P2. Radzi tried to match his pace but failed. Amir went on to complete the race first. Ming Chen followed suit and Radzi made it third fastest.

In Race 2, Amir once again took lead with Syukri at P2 and Ming Chen at P3. While Amir once again found his pace, Syukri and Ming Chen battled before the latter overtook the former. Amir on the other hand was seen fleeing ahead as Ming Chen tried to catch up. The gap was wide enough though for Amir to play it safe, away from all threats. Meanwhile, Radzi who was trailing Kuo found his way ahead. By mid-race, the riders strode comfortably in their positions with less pressure from behind. Two more laps to go though, Kuo caught up with Radzi and attempted to strike. Radzi did not give in. He went on to guard his position after a few exchanges in position. On the last lap, Amir glided victoriously towards the finish line at 22’34:484s.

Commenting on the race, Amir said, “Thanks to the team for this win. Thanks also to everyone else who have supported me throughout this season. The machine has been really good throughout and I was really comfortable riding it. Overall, the race was really awesome. I think I have improved tremendously from Round 1 to Round 2 and Round 3. So, I am really very happy about it.”

Taking second spot was Hsuan Ming Chen of Dream Team at 22’38:019s.

Md Radzi Omar of FGRT (Fauzi Gan Racing Team) made it third at 22’51:853s.


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